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Feb 24, 2022
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The Lost Ark Ghost Ships are interesting events that occur on the high seas of Arkesia, and they are well worth taking part in for the rewards. Lost Ark is chock-full of events across the global map, with a mix of random events and ones that are marked in the events calendar beforehand. You're likely to come across the Lost Ark Ghost Ships at random too, but if you want to know what they are, where to find them, and what you gain from them, read on. These ships spawn randomly in the sea, letting players take on difficult fights against their ghostly crews in exchange for rare rewards. Navigating your way to these nautical battles can be just as difficult as the fights themselves. How to unlock Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ships You then need to reach item level 460, at which point you’ll unlock the Rohendel zone. To get to item level 460, you’ll need to tackle Chaos Dungeons to get high-level gear, then further increase its level through Gear Honing. Both of these mechanics will be introduced through quests when you reach the appropriate point of the Lost Ark story. Your ship must reach level two from partaking in A New Voyage and Wall of Procyon, which are quests that can be started by talking to the Queen of North Vern, which is a northern continent. Afterwards, you can set sail for the Rohendel continent, which unlocks a tonne more end-game content, and, of course, Ghost Ships. How to complete Lost Ark Ghost ships Ghost ships sail in hazardous waters, so getting to them can be challenging – once you get close to the ghost ship, you can begin the raid. On the ship, you must defeat waves of spectral sailors and then take down a boss. If you board the ship at the same time as other players, you will all participate in the event together. Remember to bring Phoenix Plume feathers to resurrect yourself in the event you are defeated. What are the Lost Ark Ghost Ship rewards? Exact rewards from defeating Ghost Ships vary, but you can count on some powerful upgrade materials, including engravings that buff your skills. You’ll also earn Pirate Coins used to upgrade your ship, which is important if you want to take on even tougher Ghost Ships. Keep in mind you can only get the rewards from a Ghost Ship once per week, so farming them is by no means a quick process. Are you looking for Lost Ark Gold? Then you are exactly right here on! We promise you a smooth process at reasonable and fair prices for Lost Ark. Don’t waste your time anymore and buy Lost Ark Gold for your EU or US Server. Here at we can offer you as much gold as you want for the game Lost Ark.
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